Rebecca Williams, Marketing Manager at Trees Adventure Dwellingup, April 2016:

“Business has really picked up at a faster rate than we expected for a new park that we’re experiencing BOOKED OUT days which is unreal for a 6 month old park. School holidays were keeping the staff on their feet! Thank you for all your support – could not have done it without MAPTO!”


Rebecca McCauley, Tourism Officer at Shire of Murray, November 2015:

“Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation have been pivotal in improving communication between the five Shires that make up the Peel Region. The MAPTO organised monthly Visitor Centre meetings have provided a great 2 way platform for sharing local information and for learning more about MAPTO’s product development/marketing strategy. MAPTO have been key in building the identity of the Peel Region and delivering the great opportunities for growth presented by a collective approach. 

MAPTO is delivering great marketing and PR for the Peel Region evidenced by the success of recent marketing campaigns, TV footage and press coverage. The reported growth in visitor numbers to Peel is reflected in footfall at Dwellingup Visitor Centre which is currently up by 18% on the previous year. We are satisfied that they are making a real difference.

MAPTO consistently supports local tourism efforts and is receptive to our needs. This has led to the creation of additional printed resources and the investigation of joint marketing opportunities. It is great that they are able to combine big picture thinking with smaller scale practical resources at grass roots level.”


Jodie Pantaleo, Pinjarra Bakery & Patisserie, about the WA Weekender TV features, October 2015:

“We were so grateful for the opportunity to showcase our iconic bakery as a destination within the Peel region. The wide exposure of this popular lifestyle program and the Anytime Adventures campaign is sure to have a very positive impact on our brand.”


Stan Sherry, Chairman of Boddington Lions Rodeo, about MAPTO’s Anytime Adventures Campaign, August 2015:

“Last year’s promotion did so much for our rodeo and we are very keen to be involved again.”


Liz Nicholas, Lazy River Boutique B&B, about the WA Weekender TV features, July 2015:

“We have never previously had this kind of support and we sincerely hope that MAPTO will be here for a very long time continuing to do wonderful things for the Peel Region!”


Brett Mohen, Hotham Valley Railway, about the WA Weekender TV features, June 2015:

“Our railway is run by volunteers and we could never have achieved this kind of promotion without MAPTO. For us, the Anytime Adventures brand campaign really encapsulates our point of difference – we are an adventure to people of all ages that is special whether it is winter or summer.”


Debbie-Lee Glas, Lake Navarino Holiday Park, about the WA Weekender TV features, June 2015:

“I can honestly say that without MAPTO this commercial would not have come about as an advertising idea as costs are too high for small businesses.
I would like to thank MAPTO for the great opportunity given to us to benefit from the wide exposure of this popular TV show and the Anytime Adventures campaign.
We have had several new customers come and enquire and visit with us here at Lake Navarino since the commercial aired. Many people who visited us didn’t even know we existed in the area until they had watched the story on TV.”


Tanya McFarlane, Mandurah Quay Resort, about the WA Weekender TV features, May 2015:

“This was a great opportunity for us to benefit from the wide exposure of this popular TV show and the Anytime Adventures campaign. We received excellent feedback, in fact we received new bookings the day after WA Weekender aired from viewers who wanted to experience our region and stay with us.

The Anytime Adventures campaign gives our region a point of difference. Without the valuable exposure this campaign is creating a lot of people would be completely unaware of what an amazing region they have right on their doorsteps. 

We believe it’s of benefit to have MAPTO as the local tourism organisation for the Peel Region promoting our region and supporting local tourism businesses such as ours. MAPTO plays a vital role in bringing all tourism businesses in our region together to work collectively to showcase what we have to offer.”


Kev Mahney, Mandurah Cruises, about the WA Weekender TV features, May 2015:

“Just like to thank you for putting today’s television production together. You did a marvellous job and had full control of the job in hand.

I am sure it is going to be great viewing and a brilliant promotion for the Peel Region and another feather in the cap for MAPTO.”


Tina Whitman, Stag Watersports, about the radio promotion on 92.9 Heidi, Will & Woody, March 2015:

“Thanks very much, the advertising sounded great. We shall definitely be involved in the next one.”


David Cobbold, Peel Zoo, October 2014:

“MAPTO really seem to have a vision for this region. Keep up the good work.”


Michal Zdanowicz, RAC Tourism Coordinator, about the destination guide, October 2014 :

 “I’ve just received the Peel brochures. I honestly think they look great! The right focus on images and text to sell a region to attention-short readers (such is reality). An example for other regional RTO’s!”


David Cobbold, Peel Zoo, via Facebook, October 2014:

“We love the Peel Region because there’s so much to do here. Our local Tourism Organisation (MAPTO) is running a great campaign at the moment called “Anytime Adventures”. As part of this campaign there will be a series of television segments in “WA Weekender”; Channel 7, Saturdays at 5:30pm. Here’s a link to their website so you can see last week’s segment on Dwellingup.” 


Trina Frogley, Blue Manna Boat Hire, September 2014:

“You guys do a fantastic job and we need you around for years to come.”


Leighton Yates, Sebel Mandurah, September 2014:

“Great work on the website, looks and feels great!”


Murray Faulkner, Ravenswood Adventures, about TV features, September 2014:

“We trust the Peel region will get a big boost from this.”


Colin Bartley, Skypixels, September 2014:

“Just a note to say I love the new Visit Peel website, very slick. I didn’t know we had so much to do around here.”


Briony Fay, Team Leader at Mandurah Visitor Centre, September 2014:

“Website looks sensational!”


Dean Unsworth, CEO at Shire of Murray, after MAPTO’s Anytime Adventures Roadshow presentation:

“Congratulations to you and your team for the excellent work that has been done.”