E-Tips and Trends

Google’s new search algorithm “Hummingbird”

One of the major changes in the industry that will impact Tourism businesses is Google’s new search algorithm “Hummingbird” that Google uses to rank websites in its search results.

The great news is that Hummingbird means fantastic web content is more important than ever, however it’s no longer sufficient to rely on traditional search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics such as keywords and links.

The latest release of the Tourism e kit includes practical advice about Hummingbird and includes a whole section on search engine optimisation covering tips on how to ensure your website is keeping up with the latest search trends.

The changes Google has introduced will have a significant impact for all of us in the tourism industry! If you want to be successful online, you must adapt your online marketing strategy and see quality and current content as your most important marketing asset in order to take advantage now of Google’s search engine.

Another helpful, easy to digest article is Insights to Action: The Travel Industry meets Semantic Search, written by Bronwyn White of MyTravelResearch.com.

Tagging and Hash-Tag Your Posts & Tweets

A hashtag is a keyword or keyword phrase that starts with a # and groups together a subject without spaces.

Use them on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.  Which tags should you use?

Destination: #VisitPeel and #anytimeadventures
Regional: #SeePerth
State: #thisiswa and #justanotherdayinwa
National: #seeaustralia
Foodies: #restaurantaustralia

For Facebook it is best to tag another facebook page’s handle as people are unable to search by hashtag twitter. The handles are as follows:

Destination: @visitpeel
Regional: @experienceperth
State: @westernaustralia
National: @seeaustralia

By using tagging or hashtags you become a creator of destination content that just might be the image that leads to someone booking a holiday here.

Join us in promoting this amazing destination and follow us, tag us and we might feature your images and send traffic your way, too.

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The Influence Of Tags

When we make a post about your business, we always tag you. To keep us informed about your business, simply tag us on all your social media posts and we will share your information.

It is easy. Find us on all social media channels by entering @VisitPeel.

NOTE: Social media does not drive sales, but it is a useful tool to generate awareness and engage with your target market.

The Importance of Hashtags

HashtagsWhen using hashtags keep it simple, it is recommended that you only use hashtags for no more than 3 words per tweet. You don’t want to flood your tweets with hashed words that make your brand or company look like spam.

You want your tweets to be simple and filled with content to direct the user back to your website or a link that you are promoting.

Some important #Hashtags that you could use for Twitter & Instagram:

Food & Wine

  • #TastePerth
  • #RestaurantAustralia
  • #TasteWA
  • #WhatToEat


  • #VisitPeel
  • #SeePerth
  • #JustAnotherDayInWA
  • #ThisIsWA
  • #WesternAustralia

Events, experience, adventures

  • #AnytimeAdventures
  • #JustAnotherDayInWA
  • #VisitPeel
  • #SeePerth
  • #PerthToDo
  • #PerthLife
  • #PerthIsOk
  • #ThisIsWA
  • #WhatsOnWA
  • #RoadTripWA
  • #MustDoWA
  • #SeeAustralia