Spring/Summer 2014/15 Campaign

‘ANYTIME ADVENTURES’ IN PEEL – PHASE 2 (Spring & Summer 2014-2015)

Phase 2 of MAPTO’s innovative ‘Anytime Adventures’ in Peel brand campaign runs in the Perth market from 27 September 2014 to 30 April 2015.

The campaign is the Peel Region’s first fully integrated media campaign across TV, radio, digital advertising, print, outdoor and social media. It includes rich and engaging content that inspires people with ideas and information on what there is to do in Peel.

The PowerPoint presentation from our Roadshow in November 2014 outlines the summer campaign’s objectives, its execution, first achievements and outcomes for your tourist business.

Find out more about how you can get involved in the successful ‘Anytime Adventures’ Campaign to grow your business.

Target audience

Due to the Peel Region’s proximity to Perth, the key target audience for this campaign is the wider Perth market.

The campaign targets people between 25 – 45 years of age who want to escape the daily grind and are looking for authentic experiences, self-development, adventure and everything close by. We call these people ‘Dedicated Discoverer’ and ‘Aspirational Achiever’.

Timing and investment

Advertising for this phase of the campaign ‘Anytime Adventures’ in Peel runs from 27 September 2014 till 30 April 2015 (with a slow down in media activity in the peak months December and January).

MAPTO is investing around $100,000 in media advertising in Perth for the five-month promotion.

In return for its media investment, MAPTO has negotiated additional bonus TV, radio and digital advertising, bringing the total value of media advertising for this campaign to around $300,000.

Campaign theme

The key messages of the ‘Anytime Adventures’ campaign for spring/summer 2014-2015 are again:

  • The Peel Region is full of adventures in all sorts of natural environments.
  • Accessing Peel adventures is fast and easy for everyone in Perth.

The campaign aims to change perceptions of the Peel Region and to encourage Perth people to get down there and to explore and find adventures, anytime.

In order to redefine the way Perth people see the area, the campaign is designed to show everyone all the great natural adventure opportunities that are so close to the city.

The campaign promotes 6 ‘adventure categories’ including:

  • Water
  • Bush
  • Wildlife
  • Beach
  • Food & Wine
  • Arts & Culture.

Hero images feature the adventures and environments, and the headlines deliver the messages about how fast and easy it is to make quick getaways to the Peel Region.

Campaign elements

The campaign includes the following elements:


WA Weekender TV features by MAPTOWA Weekender TV stories, Saturdays at 5.30pm-6pm on Seven and GWN Networks

In program 6 x 3 minute segments and 6 x What’s on mentions

Scheduled across over 12 weeks (September – December 2014)

Presented b great WA talent incl. Seven Perth personalities as guest hosts

Reaches 617,000 West Australians alone across the 13 week series

The air dates for the 6 stories were:

  • Dwellingup: 27/09/2014 5.30pm on Seven Perth
  • Peel Zoo: 11/10/2014 5.30pm on Seven Perth
  • Boddington: 25/10/2014 5.30pm on Seven Perth
  • Jarrahdale: 08/11/2014 5.30pm on Seven Perth
  • Mandurah: 15/11/2014 5.30pm on Seven Perth
  • Waroona: 06/12/2014 5.30pm on Seven Perth

If you have missed a story, you can watch them on our Youtube channel:

In addition to the six WA Weekender stories about the Peel Region that form the contractual part of our campaign, MAPTO leveraged two additional segments to be produced and aired at no charge which has considerably value-added to this element of our Anytime Adventures campaign.

The additional stories feature Serpentine Falls National Park and the action adventures happening in and around Mandurah. The additional story about Serpentine Falls National Park aired on 01/11/2014. The additional story about Mandurah aired on 29/11/2014.

And, in another bonus to the region, a segment WA Weekender recently filmed featuring the Nissan Pathfinder was shot at White Hills Beach, giving us even more destination publicity!


Radio promotion Anytime Adventures Summer Campaign 2014-2015

  • Radio commercials – 205 x 30 sec and 10 sec commercials.
  • Online Banners on Southern Cross Austereo Network
  • 3 x radio and online promotions on Mix94.5 and 92.9- Mix94.5 Lisa and Tim’s Major Drive time promotion “Choose your own adventure” (October 2014). If you didn’t get to listen to it, click here for a snippet of the radio promotion.
    – 92.9 Anytime Adventures Online Promotion (November 2014)
    – 92.9 Breakfast Promotion Heidi, Will and Woody’s Anytime Ultimate Adventure Promotion (February 2015). If you didn’t get to listen to it, click here for a snippet of the radio promotion.
    – 188 promotional spots
    – Opportunity for businesses to get involved by donating their prizes for the prize pool competition, to showcase their product and to benefit from the huge media exposure of this destination campaign


The campaign features a strong digital element to help reach a larger audience. Digital promotions appear in Fairfax and Stayz Network and on WA Today.

The digital campaign includes:

  • Banner advertising on WA Today
  • Banner advertising across Fairfax Digital Network – 12,500 clicks to visitpeel.com.au
  • Banner advertising on Stayz website – 75,980 banner impressions targeted to Peel and Southwest Regions


The campaign includes print advertising in:

  • RAC Horizons Magazine
    – Four page article featuring the Peel Region
    – Collaborative ad showcasing the destination as adventure getaway and highlighting businesses within the region in order to generate strong call to action
  • SCOOP Traveller Magazine plus event feature (Find the online version here.)
    – Half-page ad in this annual publication
    – Editorial profiles in SCOOP Traveller Events Feature for three key events of the Peel Region (Boddington Lions Rodeo, Fairbridge Music Festival, Crab Fest)
    – Full page profile on SCOOP events online
    – Banner advertising on SCOOP weekly e-newsletter to 55,000 online subscribers for each event
  • Experience Perth Holiday Guide
     – Third page ad in this annual publication promoting Peel and the tourism website www.visitpeel.com.au
  • Weekend West publication “Short but Sweet – Getting away for one, two, three or more nights”
    – glossy 40 page magazine, enclosed in the November 15-16 edition of the Weekend West. “Short but Sweet” targeted the majority of The West’s readership, who live in the metropolitan area and wish to book short breaks in WA.
    – In order to achieve a stronger impact through the application of the ‘Anytime Adventures’ in Peel destination branding, MAPTO ran a collaborative full page ad which enabled 4 Peel-based businesses to buy in at a discounted rate.

Relaunch of official tourism website for the Peel Region

Web-PresentationCentral to the campaign is the www.visitpeel.com.au website which was released on 2nd September 2014.

The website promotes the various adventure experiences in and locations of the Peel Region.

Visitors can either navigate by interest which means by adventure category or by location. The location pages feature a things to do section as well as an image gallery.

The website excels by offering a very modern design and quality content and ties perfectly in with the ‘Anytime Adventures’ brand and campaign.

Further, the website features a mobile version for tablets and smartphones and integrates the ‘Anytime Adventures’ brand campaign and social media channels.
These also include a new VisitPeel Instagram account. Instagrammers are encouraged to share their images of the Peel Region by adding the hash-tags #visitpeel and #anytimeadventures to their posts in order to promote our beautiful and diverse destination.

Anytime Adventures – Destination Guide

This guide is a compendium of the information provided on www.visitpeel.com.au and was designed to help visitors to explore and discover the Peel Region in an easy and fun way.

In the guide, you can find all types of adventures, events, water activities, bush experiences, wildlife parks, wineries and a business directory of the Peel Region. Read the Destination Guide.

Anytime Adventures – Food & Wine Map

In conjunction with the new Destination Guide, we have created a new collateral piece, the Peel Food & Wine Map which you can view here.

Visitor Guide

Peel Food & Wine Map