Spring/Summer 2015/16 Campaign

The Spring/Summer 2015/2016 campaign ran from  September 2015 through to March 2016, promoting the Peel Region as a quick adventure getaway destination for couples and families alike.

The campaign promoted the Peel Region across a combination of TV, Radio and Digital channels, always linking back to the official tourism website www.visitpeel.com.au.


Target Audience

Due to the Peel Region’s proximity to Perth, the key target audience for this campaign was the wider Perth market.

The campaign’s primary target groups were couples and families interested in adventure, camping, experiences in nature and looking for quick getaways and everything close by.

Campaign Goals

The campaign goals were:

  • To make the Perth market more conscious of the Peel Region as a holiday destination and as a quick getaway destination
  • To draw attention to the activities and attractions the Peel Region has to offer
  • To increase visitation to the Peel Region
  • To increase the length of stay in the Peel Region
  • To increase the traffic to the Visit Peel website
  • To increase online bookings on Visit Peel website

Campaign Execution

In order to redefine the way Perth people see the area, the campaign was designed to show everyone all the great natural adventure opportunities that are so close to the city.

The key messages of the ‘Anytime Adventures’ campaign were:

  • The Peel Region is full of adventures in all sorts of natural environments.
  • Accessing Peel adventures is fast and easy for everyone in Perth.

TV Features on Channel Seven’s WA Weekender Program

MAPTO arranged again to feature Peel Region tourism operators on the state’s highest rating travel show with an average audience of 72,000 viewers per segment.

The six 3 minute destination story segments on WA Weekender focused on the natural assets of the region as well as its adventure activities under the ‘Anytime Adventures’ brand. The episodes combined activities with accommodation options to encourage viewers to explore more and to stay longer in the Peel Region.

This was an opportunity for up to 12 local tourism businesses to be featured on TV and to benefit from the high exposure of the campaign.

Further, MAPTO negotiated on behalf of the local tourism businesses who could also book a 1.5 minute story segment themselves at a discounted rate – $1,900 (excl. GST) instead of $2,500 (excl. GST). This means businesses could save more than 30%.


Radio Advertising

  • 247 spots (duration: 30 sec and 10 sec)
  • 2 x Online Promotions on mix94.5 and 92.9
  • 100 promotional spots

Digital Advertising

 Digital Banner Advertising through Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is the #1 global display ad network, reaching over 90% of internet users worldwide, with more than a trillion impressions served to over 1 billion users every month. An array of flexible ad formats allow us to engage with potential customers wherever they may be. The powerful combination of placement, contextual and audience targeting helps to find, reach and connect with our key audience.


Facebook Advertising

Similar to Google Display Network there are a wide variety of targeting options available allowing us to ensue we are only talking to an audience that is highly relevant to our message.
Based on our content and messaging the Facebook ads were targeted to raise awareness and bring more users into the travelling funnel, or further educate users who are already considering a travel destination.


Paid Search (Google Adwords)

With Google AdWords we reach our audience as they search for words or phrases or browse websites with themes related to travel, short-breaks or adventure activities. Our ad appeared on Google and its partner websites.

The advantage of Google Adwords campaigns were that we reached people at the precise moment they were searching for what our destination and its businesses offer.

The ad was displayed to people who are already searching for the kinds of products and services they find in the Peel Region. So those people are more likely to take action.

We could precisely target our audience by geographical areas etc. and can exactly see what’s working in our ad and build on it.


Youtube Advertising

YouTube ads appear on Google’s video-sharing site.

YouTube ads provide a number of targeting options and several different ad formats. MAPTO ran in-stream video ads (which are video ads that appear before or during another YouTube video) on Youtube to increase awareness and ultimately drive traffic to the Visit Peel website.


Find the detailed campaign plan below:

MAPTO Campaign Plan 2015-2016