Our Brand

Branding is very important in today’s market. With so many products and services to choose from, consumers need to have some basis in order to make decisions. And a destination brand helps them in their decision making process.

In the absence of a central tourism body for the entire Peel Region, the region lacked an integrated approach with tourism marketing carried out in an ad hoc manner by various stakeholders, without an overall strategy.

MAPTO was formed to be this central tourism body that unifies the marketing efforts of all stakeholders with a single campaign focused on attracting attention and people to the Peel region. In order to meet one of our key objectives – to stop brand fragmentation across the Peel region – we undertook the following steps to develop the new brand and deliver it.

The first step was to work out a positioning statement for the destination. In order to achieve this, we analysed our competitors and tried to identify what it is that makes the Peel region unique as a holiday destination.

The outcome was that the region’s primary Point of Difference is Natural Adventures.

This PowerPoint presentation from our 2014 Roadshow details the brand’s architecture.

MAPTO has defined two versions of ‘adventure’ for the purposes of all marketing activity:

  • Hard Adventure – Physically challenging activities in the outdoors (scuba diving, white water rafting, bungy jumping, skydiving)
  • Soft Adventure – Combines light physical activities (bushwalking, wildlife watching, hot air ballooning) with enriching activities (culinary activities, gourmet experiences)

Peel’s two key Points of Difference are:

  • Natural Adventures – Peel is about having real adventures in natural environments.
  • Accessibility / Proximity – Peel adventures are quickly and easily accessible from Perth.

As per decision by the Peel Regional Leaders Forum it was decided that the existing PEEL brand will be the primary brand, representing all 5 shires of the Peel Region. As the central brand it ‘carries’ all advertising material for the region.

MAPTO developed a Product Brand that encapsulates the region’s offering as the hero of the advertising campaign. The Product Brand turns the core benefits of the region into an accessible ‘product’ that can be easily understood by the target market. This product is always clearly presented by the PEEL brand.

In order to achieve genuine cut through, change the existing perceptions of the region, engage with a younger market and inspire them to take action, the Product Campaign had to be sharply focused on key messages and benefits, highly visible and combined with high quality imagery that delivers on the promise of ‘adventure’.

Our strategy with the creation of the Product Brand was to develop a name that functions as a call to action with a strong focus on the Key Messages:

  • The Peel is full of adventures in all sorts of natural environments.
  • Accessing Peel adventures is fast and easy for everyone in Perth.

With the brand ‘Anytime Adventures’ we created a product offering for the region that communicates the unique position of the region and the benefits of the experiences offered.


'Anytime Adventures' Tourism Brand for Peel

Tourism Brand for Peel

Our core Brand Values are defined as follows:

  • Adventurous – Energetic, excited and ready for anything.
  • Natural – Natural environments are connected to every adventure the region delivers.
  • Genuine – Down to earth and not afraid to get a bit dirty in the name of adventure.
  • Fun – This is what our natural adventures are all about for everyone.

Peel – ‘Anytime Adventures’  is a significant milestone in the development of a new and unified tourism brand for Peel and heralds the beginning of a fresh approach to the way we market the region.