Experience & Product Development

Food and Wine Trails

MAPTO is working with Tourism WA, as part of their “Taste 2020” strategy, to develop food and wine trails for the region. TWA’s strategy aims to develop food and wine tourism in the state and strengthen WA’s position as an internationally recognised food and beverage destination. This includes the creation of a network of food trails across WA.

To begin developing the trails, MAPTO, in partnership with TWA, held a workshop to work with the Peel Region’s food and wine operators and stakeholders to identify trail opportunities for the region that offer easily accessible, authentic local experiences for visitors.

The information gathered from the workshop will be used to begin putting together food and wine trail routes for the Peel Region.

Event Funding

MAPTO has received grant funding from the Peel Development Commission, as part of the Royalty for Region program, to enable the region to attract national and internationals events.

Events are important drivers of regional tourism, providing a major source of community spirit and pride, generating extensive media exposure, help branding and awareness of the region to a wider audience and delivering significant economic impact to the local community.

Research has demonstrated that there is high demand for regional events and that they can drive regional visitation.  Events that have the greatest appeal have been identified as music, food and wine, spectator sport, cultural events, garden/botanical and arts and culture (Source Tourism Research Australia NVS). During 2014-2015 Tourism Western Australia sponsored 88 events which delivered an economic impact of $ 67 million and a media impact of $ 264 million to the state (Source Tourism Western Australia).
The grant funds are to be implemented over two years and will be used to support significant new events that apply to MAPTO for funding. The criteria and process for applicants will be released soon.

For more information please contact Anita Kane, MAPTO Business Development Manager on +61 (0)8 9534 7515 or email anita.kane@mapto.com.au

Peel Region Digital Asset Library

MAPTO has received funding from the Peel Development Commission, as part of the Royalty for Regions program, and the region’s shires, to build a significant central digital asset library with high quality images, videos and drone footage. MAPTO sought the funding as a fresh, innovative, state of the art digital library is fundamental for the region to position itself as a diverse and vibrant destination in which to live, work, invest and visit. The assets will be available for use by regional stakeholders, tourism bodies and media. The project will include consultation with the funders on assets required, a call for quotes from suppliers to deliver the project, gathering of the new assets, improvements to MAPTO’s online digital library and promotion of the new assets to media and consumers. Work on the project has commenced and due for completion by December 2018.

Tourism Boost Business Mentoring

Nine Peel Region tourism businesses are participating in a Tourism Boost program designed to increase their exposure to domestic and international markets.  The one-on-one mentoring program has been facilitated at a local level by MAPTO and delivered by Distinctly Travel Management (DTM).

The program aims to improve the marketing and online booking capability of each business and ensure their product is promoted via a number of tourism distribution channels to key markets. Participants are also able to network and explore collaboration possibilities with other Peel tourism operators at Tourism Boost workshops.

The program is a state-wide initiative from Tourism Western Australia and Tourism Council of Western Australia as part of the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program.

The program is still open for other businesses to participate – for further information contact info@mapto.com.au or contact the MAPTO office on (08) 9534 7515