Consumer Research

Peel Region Consumer Research Project

MAPTO is currently undertaking, with funding from the Peel Development Commission, through the Royalty for Regions program, a significant consumer research project to evaluate the current performance and perception of the region.

The first stage of the project has been completed:

Stage one:

  • A brand health survey on the region, managed by Metrix Consulting
  • A Let’s Talk Consumer Research workshop, attended by Peel Region tourism operators and stakeholders were presented the insights from a recent Brand Health Survey and asked to provide their views what the region can offer visitors, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and unique selling points.

This stage will help guide the next phase of the project, which are:

  • Stage 2(a): Visitor experience intercept interviews (Oct to Nov 2017)
  • Stage 2(b): Visitor experience online discussion forum (Nov to Dec 2017)
  • Stage 3: Qualitative Exploration (Jan to Feb 2018)

A summary of the findings from each stage and the overall results will be shared upon conclusion of the project.