Marketing Opportunities

MAPTO encourages operators to participate in marketing and sales promotion activities undertaken to position Mandurah & the Peel Region as a ‘must visit’ tourist destination and as an adventure getaway with the tourism brand ‘Anytime Adventures’.

Opportunities are available to any individual business or marketing group in Mandurah & the Peel Region. The opportunities available to the industry through MAPTO are researched to ensure they increase exposure to the destination’s target markets.

MAPTO offers a range of exclusive advertising and marketing opportunities to tourism businesses of Mandurah & the Peel Region. Download the Cooperative Marketing Calendar 2016/2017 and find more details and the latest opportunities below.

2018 Mandurah & the Peel Region Visitor Guide – Advertisement Bookings Closed

MAPTO’s key marketing tool is the annual Visitor Guide. The 2018 Visitor Guide is currently under production and advertising booking has closed, .  We produce over 40,000 copies and distribute them across Western Australia. The Visitor Guide is the most comprehensive, widely distributed planning tool for visitors to Mandurah & the Peel Region and by advertising in the guide, you’ll ensure the exposure of your business is greatly broadened.

Find out more in the Visitor Guide Advertising Prospectus 2018.

Please contact us if you would still like to advertise at  and we will determine if there is space available. If there is space available you will be required to complete the registration form.

View the 2017 Mandurah and the Peel Region Visitor Guide here

2017-18 Summer Campaign

MAPTO’s 2017-18 Summer campaign will begin soon with the aim of inspiring West Australians to visit Mandurah and the Peel Region over the summer months.

The centrepoint of the campaign, to which all traffic will be driven, will be a landing page featured on, dedicated to promoting summer specials, deals, events and activities. This will be supported by and promoted through the following anticipated marketing activities:

  • Advertising including radio and press features/advertorials
  • Video advertising via online and cinema
  • Digital marketing including Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Visit Peel owned channels included email marketing and social media
  • Public Relations including possible famils
  • Prize giveaway promotions

Campaign Dates: Oct 2017 to Mar 2018

October to December – the focus will be on families encouraging them to enjoy the Christmas festivities, school holiday activities and spend their summer holidays in the region.

January to March – the focus will be on encouraging couples to escape to the region for a short break or weekend away.

Why you should get involved?

The 2016-17 Campaign increased visitation and engagement for Visit Peel marketing channels by 25% to 50% and achieved a reach of approximately 1 million. These results show this is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business or product for FREE and benefit from the reach and exposure of the campaign.

All participants will be featured on the summer landing page on and promoted where possible in advertorials and Visit Peel social media and e-newsletters.

A post campaign report will also be shared detailing the results and achievements of the campaign.

How you can get involved?

To participate please provide the information listed below on your specials, deals and/or events by Friday 20 October.

Summer Specials

  • Summer deals and offers – e.g. discounts, value adds, packages, activities or events valid for the campaign period (October – March).
  • 50 word description – including expiry date
  • website URL for bookings
  • 1x high resolution image

Summer School Holiday Deal or Activity

  • For deals e.g. free entry for kids; family escape packages, discounts etc (deals) or activity e.g. workshops, educational programs, art & craft activities & wildlife interactions.
  • 50 word description – including dates
  • website URL for bookings and/or more information
  • 1x high resolution image

Summer Events

  • Summer event festivals, concerts & shows, exhibitions
  • At least 100 word description
  • Start/end date & time
  • Website URL for bookings and/or more information
  • 1x high resolution image
  • Additional Summer marketing opportunities

Competition Prizes

The campaign will include a number of competitions that will be promoted by Visit Peel social media and e-newsletters or by our media partners. Prizes are to be giveaways (e.g. two tickets on a cruise) or holiday breaks (e.g. include dinner, accommodation and an experience). If you are interested in providing a prize please let us know.

Any businesses that provides a prize will receive the following benefits:

  • Their facebook page tagged in social media promotion
  • Links to their website included in e-newsletter promotion
  • Business listed in any media partner’s online competition detail
  • Promotion of your business in a post competition e-newsletter to any entrants that subscribe to Visit Peel consumer news
  • The first competition to be promoted via our social media where consumers can win a Christmas Lights cruise plus any prizes received from businesses by Fri 13 Oct. 

Media Famil

We are currently working with media partners to host journalists and social media influencers to the region as part of the campaign. If you would be interested in having a famil experience your business at a discounted rate or at no cost to MAPTO, please let us know.

Deadline for Participation

Please send your content contribution, offers and/or interest in competitions and famils to Zoe at by Friday 20 October.

Please note: please also don’t hesitate to let us know of any additional content that becomes available after the deadline

Spring Campaign

During Spring we encourage consumers to visit the website to find deals, specials and events on offer.

We offer the opportunity for Peel businesses to have their deals, events and specials promoted on a dedicated Spring  landing page The Spring campaign is promoted in our Spring consumer e-newsletter, on social media and through Experience Perth’s own Spring campaign. Events are automatically be added to our online events calendar.

How to get involved?
Please send the following information to Zoe:

  • 25 word description of your special / event / gift idea
  • Indicate whether it is for Spring or specific time during Spring. e.g. School holidays, AFL Grand Final or the long weekend?
  • 1 high resolution image
  • Website URL for bookings and /or more information
  • Relevant costs and rates
  • Any terms and conditions, including expiry date of the offer

Winter and Summer Campaigns

MAPTO implements Winter (launched in June) and Spring/Summer (launched in September) Campaigns each year for Mandurah & the Peel Region.  The campaigns include a dedicated website page on to promote specials deal and the many experiences on offer to the WA market. These are also promoted through marketing activities which may include:

  • Print features
  • Digital display advertising on Google Display Network
  • Email marketing
  • Google adwords
  • Facebook advertising
  • Radio commercials
  • Prize giveaway promotions with a radio station
  • Cinema advertising
  • Promotion through our social media and e-newsletters
  • Public Relations activities

Different stages of the campaign will target families with kids to encourage them to spend their summer holidays in Mandurah & the Peel Region and encourage couples to escape to Mandurah & the Peel Region for a short break or weekend away.

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business or product and to benefit from the reach and exposure of the campaigns. Peel tourism businesses will be contacted prior to the commencement of each campaign on advertising and promotion opportunities.

Co-operative Marketing Opportunities

Advertise Your Business For Only $200 per quarter in the What’s On Perth Guide

What's On Perth Guide CoverMAPTO, in collaboration with What’s On Perth Guide, offers businesses a very cost-effective advertising opportunity. MAPTO has negotiated for each quarterly edition 1 x double page spread in this widely distributed brochure featuring 10 participating businesses.

MAPTO subsidises the cost enabling businesses to advertise their product for only $200 per print listing per quarter. Businesses save up to 50%.

To take advantage of this opportunity and secure a spot email us at



Advertise Your Business For Only $200 per quarter in Hello Perth brochure

Hello Perth Magazine - Winter 2016 issueMAPTO, in collaboration with Hello Perth, offers businesses a very cost-effective advertising opportunity. In order to enable more operators to advertise in this publication, MAPTO has negotiated 1 x double page spread in the magazine featuring 10 participating businesses. MAPTO subsidises the cost enabling businesses to advertise their product for only $200 per print listing which includes:

  • a photo
  • 40-50 words of text
  • contact details
  • website listing on
  • pages on the Hello Perth Android and Apple Apps
  • social media promotion

Businesses save 30%.

To take advantage of this opportunity and secure a spot email us at


Promote Your Holiday Packages with the RAC

If you have an attractive holiday package on offer, you have the opportunity to list it free of charge on the WA Holidays page on the RAC website.
The only requirements with all packages is to at least provide 10% commission to the RAC consultants and pass on 10% savings to RAC members. Accommodation providers can package their accommodation with a tour or include add ons etc.

Accommodation providers can promote their product free in Escape Magazine

High circulating weekly travel publication Escape Magazine is looking for deals from WA for free promotion in their weekly feature pages.  If you are an accommodation provider, send in your package deals current from now on until 31st December to editorial co-ordinator Mercedes Maguire and Cc Nadine Heinen, MAPTO Marketing Manager.

Be sure to include:

  • Price
  • Duration of the package or if it’s an overnight rate
  • Inclusions of the package and details of the location and accommodation
  • The deal or savings component
  • The sale and travel dates
  • Phone number and/or email and/or website for readers to book
  • High resolution JPG image (between 1MB and 5MB is ideal)

Showcase Your Business Prominently Online

Visit Peel Website

Web-PresentationCentral to the Anytime Adventures Campaign is the official tourism website for Mandurah & Peel as all promotion activities drive traffic to it.

Showcase your product prominently through the integrated online booking system Bookeasy and benefit from the huge reach and exposure via the fully integrated Media Campaigns.

The website features information designed to assist visitors in planning their holiday to Mandurah & the Peel Region, including sections on events, activities and more. To ensure that the Visit Peel website is competitive with other West Australian tourism sites, MAPTO is constantly improving the site’s search engine ranking (SEO). This will ensure the site and your product are ranking highly for Western Australia holiday search terms.

Let’s also drive visits to each other! Cross-promotion is important. On our website, we always use your business website address for further information, if you could use on your website, we are creating a powerful community of cross branding, a very important part of digital marketing today.

Find more information here.



 Promote Your Hot Deals & Specials FREE!

Hot deals, gift vouchers and special offers are a great way to engage with new customers and to generate positive word of mouth.

To help you to reach your potential customers, you have the opportunity to promote your offers for FREE in our monthly e-newsletter!

The database includes people that have actively subscribed plus people who participated in radio and social media competitions and actively opted-in to receive information about Mandurah & the Peel Region.

Send in your special offers and hot deals by emailing us.

Remember quality photos and remarkable content generate higher engagement. Our newsletter is a useful free and frequent vehicle for you to promote your business. Please also advise prices and validity of your deal/offer.

The Power of Social Media

Our social media channels are free services that provide you cost effective marketing opportunities to generate awareness and to connect to thousands of people in hundreds of different locations.

We have a social media plan which we prepare on a weekly basis. If you would like us to help you promote your business, email your quality images and content now. For your own social media posts to reach a wider audience and help us promote the Peel Region to the world don’t forget to tag us @visitpeel on Facebook or #visitpeel on Instagram or Twitter

The Influence Of Tags

When we make a post about your business, we always tag you. To keep us informed about your business, simply tag us on all your social media posts and we will share your information.

It is easy. Find us on all social media channels by entering @VisitPeel.

NOTE: Social media does not drive sales, but it is a useful tool to generate awareness and engage with your target market.

The Importance of Hashtags

HashtagsHashtags are everywhere, they allow users who are not following you to see your tweets and content that you put out on various social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

So to keep it simple, it is recommended that you only use hashtags for no more than 3 words per tweet. You don’t want to flood your tweets with hashed words that make your brand or company look like spam.

You want your tweets to be simple and filled with content to direct the user back to your website or a link that you are promoting.

Some important #Hashtags that you should use for Twitter & Instagram:

Food & Wine

  • #TastePerth
  • #RestaurantAustralia
  • #TasteWA
  • #WhatToEat


  • #VisitPeel
  • #SeePerth
  • #JustAnotherDayInWA
  • #ThisIsWA
  • #WesternAustralia

Events, experience, adventures

  • #AnytimeAdventures
  • #JustAnotherDayInWA
  • #VisitPeel
  • #SeePerth
  • #PerthToDo
  • #PerthLife
  • #PerthIsOk
  • #ThisIsWA
  • #WhatsOnWA
  • #RoadTripWA
  • #MustDoWA
  • #SeeAustralia