MAPTO Media Mentions

2 May, Mandurah Mail, Waroona vineyard Drakesbrook Fine Wines gears up to welcome Grapest 5k Run

4 May, Mandurah Coastal Times, Peel Golf courses to feature in Caddie magazine feature

7 May, Coast FM, Wine run not something to whine about

8 May, Harvey Waroona Reporter, Winery to host Grapest run in Waroona

11 May, Mandurah Coastal Times, The Grapest 5km Run near Mandurah lets contestants stop and smell the rose

Sat 7 April, Inside Cover, A Top Tour

Mon 9 April, Mandurah Mail, Mandurah Cruises Floating Restaurant Reflects Growth in Peel Culinary Tourism

Wed 4 April, Mandurah Mail, New Signs Hope to Encourage Tourism

Wed 4 April, 6mm, New Freeway Signage to Boost Mandurah Tourism

Wed 4 April, Coast Live FM, New Freeway Signage to Boost Mandurah Tourism

Thu 29 Mar, Mandurah Mail, print article Region’s Ticket to Tourism

Sat 3 Mar, The West Australian, print article South Pushes Charms to Lure City Dwellers

Wed 18 Feb, Coast FM, online article Mandurah waterways and seafood star in new experience

Wed 7 Feb, 6MM radio station, On air mention of Wild Seafood Experience Cruise 

Wed 7 Feb 18, Mandurah Coastal Times, Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation Flying to put Peel on the Map

January 2018, Oriental Post WA

Thu, Jan 25 18, Mandurah Mail, People and Places – MAPTO 2018 Visitor Guide Launch

Thu, Jan 25 18,Mandurah Mail,  New look for Mandurah’s tourism guide

Thu Jan 25 18, Mandurah Coastal Times, New Peel 2018 visitor guide launched in Mandurah

Thu, 4 Jan 18, Mandurah Mail, What’s New in Dining print and online

Wed, 3 Jan 18, Mandurah Coastal Times, Chinese Whispersprint and online

Thu 21 Dec 17, Mandurah Mail, MAPTO to study tourism branding

Sun, 17 Dec 17, Mandurah Coastal Times, Study Considers Tourism Potentialprint and online

Sun, 10 Dec 17, Mandurah Mail, Seafood Adventure

Fri, 8 Dec 17, Coast FM, We could see a surge in Chinese tourists

Fri, 8 Dec 17, Mandurah Mail, Chinese Tourism Takes Offprint and online

Fri, 20 Oct 17, Coast FM, Peel Region Golf Courses Joins Great Golf Courses of Australia

Wed, 20 Sep 17, Coastal Times, Mandurah has its day trip in the sun

Thu, 14 Sep 17, Mandurah Mail, Day Trippers love Mandurah 

Wed, 13 Sep 17, Mandurah Coastal Times, Peel Businesses to Give Tourism A boost  – online and print

Fri, 8 Sep 17, Mandurah Coast Live, Mandurah named No.1 day trip destination

Thu, 24 Aug 17, Mandurah Mail, Australian film Three Summers to shine spotlight on Peel region,

Thu, 13 Jul 17, Mandurah Mail, Talking Tourism

26 Apr 17, Mandurah Coastal Times, Selling Peel to the World

March 17, Mandurah Coastal Times, Peel popular with tourists

14 Feb 17, Mandurah Coastal Times, New grants for tourist body

24 Jan 17, Mandurah Coastal Times, Additional funds to help promote Peel